BetWarrior signs two Brazilian football partnerships

BetWarrior signs two Brazilian football partnerships

BetWarrior has completed the signing of two innovative, fan-focused partnerships with Brazilian football clubs, as it begins to ramp up its acquisition drive across Latin America.

Fans of Clube do Remo and Paysandu Sport Club will both be able to place bets through exclusively developed, fully native mobile applications, where they will be able to access special promotions related to their teams.   Those who wager through the platform will be supporting their clubs via their respective partnerships with BetWarrior.  

José del Pino, co-founder and CCO of BetWarrior, said:
“This is a hugely exciting and innovative approach to fan engagement, and we are thrilled to be kicking it off with two teams in Remo and Paysandu which boast such passionate fans.
  “These are true partnerships between BetWarrior and the clubs, where we have worked hard to bring genuine value via dedicated, fully-native applications which fans can use to place bets.”  

Clube do Remo and Paysandu Sport Club are the two leading teams in the state of Pará in the north of Brazil, which is home to more than 7.5 million people.   The two teams face off this weekend in the semi-final of the Copa Verde.  

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